Visiting student

Education & Employment

Columbia University

Visiting PhD Researcher, U. Southern Denmark

New York, NY, 2021 - 2022


  1. Zachary Thatcher, Chia-Hao Liu, Long Yang, Brennan C. McBride, Gia Thinh Tran, Allison Wustrow, Martin A. Karlsen, James R. Neilson, Dorthe B. Ravnsbæk, and Simon J. L. Billinge. "{nmfMapping}: a cloud-based web application for non-negative matrix factorization of powder diffraction and pair distribution function datasets". Acta Crystallographica Section A . 73 p. 242-248 May 2022 download doi
  2. Sandra H. Skjaervoe, Martin A. Karlsen, Riccardo Comin, and Simon J. L. Billinge. "Refining perovskite structures to pair distribution function data using collective Glazer modes as a basis". IUCr J . Feb 2022 download doi